Fotograf festival: Documentarism and Contemporary Practice

Since the 60s, documentarism has established itself as an approach and a form which permeates different fields – photography, videoart, activism, new media, internet and post-internet art, visual anthropology as well as the social sciences.

The discussion will seek to go back to the key understanding of documentarism in the disciplines mentioned above, to set them against each other and to consider them in relation to contemporary practice. It will also explore the transformations the form has undergone in the last few years.

16. 10. 7 pm Fotograf festival: Documentarism and Contemporary Practice

Invited: Zbyněk Baladrán, Hana Buddeus, David Čeněk, Vít Klusák, Pavel Sterec, Barbora Kleinhamplová.
Moderátor: Vít Havránek.

Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2
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