KKA2 What purpose did the Writers’ Congress serve?

At the start of June a Writers’ Congress took place. The aim was to continue the tradition established prior to the Velvet Revolution, though it was clear even in advance that there was at least one crucial change – apart from writers themselves, few people have an interest.

The two-day meeting organised by the Writers’ Association raised many questions that over the course of time we will attempt to answer. What was the congress for and what did it achieve? Is Czech literature in crisis or experiencing a golden age? Has engagement in literature become the default setting and the way we should approach it from now on? Has the congress moved on the debate around contemporary literature and criticism, or was it simply a meeting of like-minded people who are attempting to come to terms with the fact that they have lost any kind of real influence? Was it a faithful transcription of the present situation? And how should such a transcription continue?

The debate will be participated in by Pavel Janáček (literary historian), Jan Němec (writer and chairman of the Writers’ Association) and Jiří Peňás (journalist). It will be chaired by Petr A. Bílek.

24 June 2015 7pm A2 CRITICISM CLUB

What purpose did the Writers’ Congress serve?

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