The Qrators

The project of group the Q rators emerged at first as a blatant protest against the war between Ukraine and Russia. The leading idea of this work is to show that peaceful collaboration is possible and the unity in creation may be the only reasonable reaction to current political situation. It opened much wider reflection about artists from post-soviet countries as coming from similar historical context.

Svetlana Spirina’s work Identification piece / Identification questions above all the idea of national identity, in her case what is like to be Russian. This work has to be seen as inner emigration into "Russian", but not a political "Russian", such as war, but something deep and eternal, such as wood.

Obedient bodies, performance by Genya Loginova and Alexey Markin thematises the term “earth“ and its different meanings. What does war do with earth ? It fills it with different parts of bodies, with objects, shells and mines. But do we really want to kill each other or we are just parts of finest political technologies that are, according to Foucault, make us “obedient bodies” ?
Irina Kudrina compares senseless bureaucratic routine to get her visa application accepted with the act of physical crossing the borders which seems easy and insignificant. Ivan Orlenko turns contemporary history of Ukraine into an art piece using time as one of key elements of his performance. The last performer Anna Tretyakova will show a work To live inspired by an event seen by the artist and her friend. An old man trying to sell his goldfish in a bombarded and destroyed Louhansk, a lesson of courage to keep living.
Prague manifestation in the Tranzitdisplay gallery is a part of larger project to be held in Paris and Kiev. The Czech project is organised by Eva Skopalova, Anna Ten and Nataliia Tseluba.

17. 6 19.00 The Qrators


Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2


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