Margarida Mendes: agency in times of unease - thoughts on scale, climate and collectivities

What is our understanding of planetary scale during a time when our perception of material realities is bound to spectral algorithms, and the impact of our actions deferred?

In this hypothesising moment of a new geological epoch on the part of earth sciences, one needs to review the operations at stake for the construction of subject-object relations. In the anthropocene, inhuman agents interact as actual currencies, provoking high-speed material and structural transformations that permanently alter the Earth. Yet, post-national neoliberal regimes respond to the magnitude of climate change with dismissal and oblivion.

How do we think through collective agency in the era of climate change, and invest in individual mobilisation and forms of communal inquiry?

Margarida Mendes has directed the project space The Barber Shop in Lisbon, where she hosts a programme of seminars and residencies dedicated to artistic and philosophical research, since 2009. Her research - which focus on the overlap between cybernetics, sciences and experimental film - explores the dynamic transformations of materialism and their impact on societal structures and cultural production. She has curated projects in various European institutions, among them CAC Vilnius, Flat Time House, KIM? Contemporary Art Center, Spike Island Centre of Contemporary Art & Design, Museu de Serralves. She is co-programmer at the music platform WATERFALLS.

21.5. 19:00 Margarida Mendes: agency in times of unease - thoughts on scale, climate and collectivities

Project TALKS. The lecture is organized by Are in collaboration with Markéta Stará (Syntax, Lisabon).

Dittrichova 9/337
120 00 Prague 2 CZ
00420 222 516 982

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