Experimental Animation and Electronic Literature: Piotr Marecki and Sławomir Shuty

TRIP, dir. Sławomir Shuty
Suffering from writer’s block, the Author decides to induce inspiration chemically. The pastry he consumes transports him, like the fairytale Alice, into a land of hallucinogenic visions. The revelation results in an increase of creative potential. However, the depths of imagination are inhabited by demons that must be confronted. TRIP is a metaphorical account of an internal voyage, an animated penetration to the Buddhist bardo, a black comedy tale about the transformation of a creative impasse into fulfillment.
MATRIX, dir. Sławomir Shuty
Film is a reconstruction of the Slavic myth of the world creation. Slavic legacy encompasses just a few residually preserved myths. The scientists’ opinions on the meaning of mythical deities are divided. The dispute on the role of Świętowit continues to this day, it is argued whether he was indeed the central figure of the Slavic Pantheon. The Slavs cannot be considered as a coherent composition which developed one cultural-religious pattern. While working on the script the comparative method was used; the Slavic myths cannot be isolated from the rich traditions of the Northern people, both hunter-gatherer cultures and agricultural ones. In "The Mother - Matrix" ("Macierz") there are references to the Siberian shamanism and the matriarchal communities. The psychological motifs modernize the story. The authors tried to give the story a universal humanistic meaning, hence the presence of multicultural symbolism.
"The Mother - Matrix" is a psychedelic journey through the creation myth. We observe its beginning at the moment of the Big Bang. The repeatability of the themes suggests constant evolution which repeats its creations in various scales.

The workshop will be devoted to pragmatic aspects of animation and experimental literature. The lecturers will present their experiences as a producers and creators. There will be also practical advices given on how to produce an animated film on a low budget and on the advantages that literature can bring info the field of animated film. The workshop will be also devoted to chosen aspects of creative production, which is dynamically developing in Poland.

Film projection and discussion

20.5. 17:00 Experimental Animation and Electronic Literature: Piotr Marecki and Sławomir Shuty

Dittrichova 9/337
120 00 Prague 2 CZ


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