TD sound: Tereza Damcová

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A continuation of the cycle TD soundsystem, which showcases contemporary Czech artists working with sound. The evening will include a screening of fairytales by Milan Kozelka and an experimental audiovisual fairytale.

“Milan Kozelka wrote these fairytales in 2010 for dolls that he first saw at a private soirée in an apartment in Smíchov. His attention was caught by photos on Facebook, where I had created an album for the dolls documenting their family life, among other things. Kozelka was also fascinated by the names of some of the dolls, such as Frída Cocoa and the Devil, and used them in texts. He situated the entire story in the valley of the River Svratka, which is where the dolls are from. When Milan came to Brno, we went on a trip to Veveří Castle, and he was enchanted by the names of places (e.g. Beneath the Monkish Mountain, Chimney, Veveří etc.), which he also used in his fairytales. The dreamy events of the story are set in a factory atmosphere of the disintegrating Zbrojovka complex of Brno. Zbrojovka is a sleeping thousand-year-old mechanical bee. The local population, known as the Žideničáks, avoid the place because strange practices take place here, and Americans use the location to shoot horror movies.”

title: Animal Landscape
editing and sound: Pavel Paseka
author: Tereza Damcová
performers: doňa kakána- dances the Cancan, frída cocoa- drinks cocoa, lída malkao- drinks malkao, johnny orange- greengrocer, hehe- likes everything and everyone and is often off his head, vinetů- you know her from the serial, the good devil, the one who goes on trips and so on.


27 February 7pm TD sound: Tereza Damcová

Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2


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