Marxism Today

During the 20th century Marxism was the leading discourse calling for change in the world. It paid for this hegemony in the countries of “real socialism”, played first fiddle in Western emancipation movements, and was inestimably inspiring in the postcolonial transformation of Third World countries.

With the collapse of the bipolar global arrangement it appeared that the history of Marxist thought had been guilty at the very least of error, and at worst of direct responsibility for the crimes of communist totalitarianism. However, a quarter of a century on the world was rocked by economic crisis and there was a renaissance of interest in the works of Karl Marx and his followers. What is the current state of Marxist theory? Is Marxist practice possible in post-communist times? Are we in need of Marxism at present? We shall be looking for the answers to these and other questions during the panel discussion Marxism Today.

Marxism Today¨

Thursday 19 February 7pm

opening hours Tue-Sun 12.00 noon - 6.00 p.m.


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