The Pololániks – launch of the album Náměť

The Pololáníks played their first concert in 2011. A year later they were nominated for the Vinyla Prize in the category Newcomer of the Year, and in November 2014 they released their debut album Náměť on the Polí5 record label, which they are launching at tranzitdisplay.
Though The Pololáníks focus exclusively on free improvisation unfettered by rhythmic, harmonic and structural conventions, their sound is compact and unified, rather than disorderly and fragmented. As well as laptop and traditional instruments (clarinet, saxophone, recorder, trombone, guitar, double bass), the ensemble uses differently sized percussion and objects: pill tubes, bowed processor coolers, cymbals, a gong, etc. They also use homemade musical instruments – various kinds of caterwauls, rattles, shakers and “sirenophones” created from rubber gloves, aluminium pipes and plastic tubes from operating theatre drugs.
They will be supported by two guests: Tomáš Procházka, alias Federsel, who recorded and mixed the album, and the trumpeter Petr Vrba. Tomáš Procházka is inspired by the Kraut rock inspired band B4, as well as solo noise creations and the freak-out pell-mell duo Federsel & Mäkalä. Petr Vrba performs in many groups, including the Prague Improvisation Orchestra and the interchangeable ensemble IQ+1. Their joint performance might best be compared to the sound that Jimi Hendrix would make if he picked up a brass instrument.

15 December 7pm The Pololániks – launch of the album Náměť

Tranzitdisplay / Dittrichova 9/337 / Prague 2
www.advojka.cz / www.tranzitdisplay.cz


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