Aletha Lablanchy : Paris / Dakar / Paris

French curator and cultural manager Aletha Lablanchy works in an international context for more than 10 years, particularly on the trajectory between Paris and West Africa,
In recent years, Lablanchy participated e.g. in the 10th Biennale of Contemporary African Art Dak'Art 2012 or curated a solo show of a Senegalese artist Joe Ouakam at the National Art Museum in Dakar in 2010.

In her lecture Lablanchy will outline her curatorial approaches, her continuous appreciation of contemporary African art, but also the contexts of working in a sensitive post-colonial relationship between France and Senegal.

4.11. 19:00 Aletha Lablanchy : Paris / Dakar / Paris

The talk is a result of the participation between MeetFactory, o.p.s. and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic in Dakar, Senegal.

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