Association for Leftist Theory – Conference

The aim of the conference is to familiars the academic and general public with the phenomenon of commons and the process of creating commons (commoning), which form the antipode to commodified holdings and social relations. Could these commons become the basis of a society that exceeds the framework of capitalism?

First panel (approximately 10am – 12:30pm)
a) A historico-anthropological introduction to the topic (the fourth world, communes, economics and the first enclosures, i.e. the original accumulation) - Ondřej Lánský

b) New enclosures (programmes of structural adaptation, gene patents, privatisation of water and other natural resources, etc.) - Arnošt Novák (FHS)

c) Urban commons and their protection – Michaela Pixová (Prague Watch)

d) Squatting as a form of commoning – the history of squatting in the CR and the rest of the world – Lenka Kužvartová

Second panel (approximately 1:15pm – 4pm)

a) E. Ostrom – governing the commons

b) Reproductive commons and their protection – Jitka Kolářová (Gender Studies)

c) Cooperatives as a process of commoning - Ilona Švihlíková (Alternativa Zdola – Bottom-up Alternative)

d) Class war as a process of commoning (strategy and tactics), the vision of a self-governing communist society (Jakub Horňáček)
Workshop on cultural commons organised by A2 (approximately 4:20pm – 7:30pm) Culture on the internet

4 June 10am – 10pm Association for Leftist Theory – Conference

Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2


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