A scenic reading of the comedy S.d.Ch.- Fantom Morgalu

The premiere of a new comedy by the Prague gravedigger S.d.Ch. organised on the occasion of the publication of the first volume of a new edition by the publishing house RUBATO – TRENTADUE. The volume FANTOM MORGALU will be sold during the evening for the pittance of CZK 50.
The play takes place under the watchful eye of the writer himself and in the presence of several proposals. Perhaps Pafka Vavrys will make an appearance with a wine thief! Brno, tremble with fear! Radim, you’d love this!

“It occurs to me that the play Fantom Morgalu arose on the basis of experiences acquired during the preparation and course of my exhibition Orbis Varlén and Nothing at the Moravian Gallery in Brno, and it would be correct, except, and this is clear from the text itself, that nothing like this could take place at the Moravian Gallery simply because it is too humorous and full of spirit. Yet still I have the obsessive feeling that this is going on secretly, constantly and everywhere. It is veritable artistic magic, and if I wanted to be serious, precise and fair, I would add that it is the last art remaining, though the truth is that it is the last art that we still don’t know.”

15 April 7pm A scenic reading of the comedy S.d.Ch.- Fantom Morgalu

Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2, CZ


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