František Lesák “..I see only what I know“

The book’s texts were created in parallel with the artworks and the artist is keen to clarify the methods of his artistic system through the texts. Though this method is self-enclosed, it makes reference to many points of contact with the surrounding worlds in which Lesák finds the inspirational material for artistic processing.

Sculptor, conceptual artist and university lecturer, František Lesák was born in 1943 in Prague. After graduating, he emigrated in 1964 to Austria and settled in Vienna, where he completed his studies of sculpture at the University of Applied Arts. In 1979 he was invited to the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University in Vienna, where he worked until 2003.

The art theoreticians Marek Pokorný and Tereza Jindrová will introduce the book “..I see only what I know” in the presence of the artist himself.

František Lesák “..I see only what I know“
Tuesday 10 December 7pm

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