A debate on the project BRING A BUILDING TO LIFE 2013

Why are buildings falling into disrepair in Prague?

A three-day screening on buildings left to their fate will culminate with a debate between those affected by the dilapidated buildings, and not only professionally. The participants will include an architect, conservationist and town hall representative.

The city centre is falling into disrepair. Dozens of buildings in the centre of Prague have been sold, often below market value, to buyers whose identity is obscure or to real-estate speculators. The buildings remain unoccupied. In many cases the owner leaves them to fall into disrepair simply in order to demolish them and build new, commercially more profitable buildings. Nobody is making sure the owner meets the duties linked with property ownership. The A2 civic society is an organisation that has been warning of this problem for some time. This year we decided to use the dilapidated buildings for film screenings.

Come to a Prague street cinema, breathe new life into deserted buildings, learn something new about them, and draw attention to their alarming state of repair.
Screening 7–9 October 2013 starting at 8pm

10.10. 2013 A debate on the project BRING A BUILDING TO LIFE 2013

Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2


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