Kamil Činátl: Memory in Film, or Film in Memory?

Over the last few decades film has become a key medium for collectively shared remembrance. Indeed, films and serials have appeared that do not simply offer images of the past, but enact the actual practice of remembering (think of Hřebejk’s film Kawasaki’s Rose or the serial Narrate on Czech Television).
They show us how we remember. But what character does this film and television memory possess? Is an analysis of the content of these “memorial” films sufficient when examining the operations of cultural memory, or should we take into consideration the specific rhetoric of the medium involved? The dynamic of cultural memory is well illustrated in film footage of the normalisation period, in which the particularities of cinematographically mediated memory stand out clearly.

13.6. 2013 19:00

Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2


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