KKA2 Homo Sacer Giorgio Agamben

On the occasion of the publication of the Czech translation of the first work in the trilogy Homo Sacer by the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, the fourth meeting this year of the A2 Criticism Club will take place in the tranzitdisplay gallery, Prague.
The debate will focus on understanding the term “homo sacer” within the framework of Agamben’s thinking. It will inevitably examine his powerful thesis that an exceptional state of affairs is the paradigm of contemporary political regimes. It will ask what forms current manifestations of the declared exceptional state of affairs take in reality.
This problematic is also linked to the apocalyptic and catastrophic visions that permeate the whole of Agamben’s work. Where are the sources to be found generating the pessimistic scenarios of future development, and are they in any way appropriate? Finally, we will look at the impact of his thinking on political practice and whether and how it could influence such practice.

The debate will be participated in by the political scientist Vojtěch Belling, the psychologist Jiří Růžička, and the philosopher Petr Kouba.
Matěj Metelec will chair the debate.

28.5. 2013

Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2


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