PAAL BJELKE ANDERSEN: Writing in a language that is always someone else's

In a TV show from the 1970s, a well-known linguist called the dialect I was speaking then “the ugliest Norwegian.” Since then I have moved to Oslo, graduated and become a literary figure of sorts. I no longer use the dialect (and sociolect) I used to speak when I was a child, although it does not necessarily mean I have learnt to speak and write in “correct Norwegian.” Speech and poetry are tools I use because they are not “mine”: they are always someone else's.

In my talk I will present examples of American and French conceptual poetry and I will try to show in what ways I have used those strategies to work with various ideas of what is poetry, what is Norwegian and what is Nordic.

15.5. 2013

Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2


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