Andrea Průchová: A New Reading of Monuments of the Past

We perceive the city as a constantly transforming, dynamic complex of events, relationships and roles. Just as the city changes every hour of the day, so the process of creating meanings of cities within the urban infrastructure never stops.
The monuments and sculptural interventions in the public space that characterise the garish suburban high-rise building projects of the normalisation period have become decomposing symbols of the past during the decades of freedom, condemned to physical and spiritual erosion.Their gradual rediscovery, documentation and continuation within the tradition of the official and covert interventions of the younger generation of artists in the public space offers a new lexicon and emotional charge with which these collapsed centres of concrete squares and urban parks are recuperated and reinterpreted in contemporary documentation and artistic practice.

Guest speaker: Pavel Karous, author of the project “Aliens and Decoys”

9.5. 2013
free admission

Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2


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