TD soundsystem Rafani: Nameless Commotion

TD soundsystem Rafani: Nameless Commotion

“Many days have passed since the moment when a group of five desperadoes from a hole in which everything is simply magic and reason brought the world to its knees in order to crush it into dust through a sonic sledgehammer, which didn’t sound like music but like a cataclysmic fit of possessed dilettantes. White blocks were shaken to their foundations and concepts to their seams, lakes overflowed their banks and fields were laid waste. Rafani appeared from nowhere to bring to life an apocalypse of boredom in its destructive and diabolical non-inspiring invocation.”

TD soundsystem Rafani: Nameless Commotion

The concert by the Rafani group at tranzitdisplay will take place as part of the project TD soundsystem.

2.5. 2013
free admission

Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2


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