Andrey Erofeev: An Artist in Contemporary Russia


Controversial Russian curator Andrey Erofeev will present the current situation on Russian art scene. Erofeev, respected by the western art world, had to leave his possition at the Tretyakov State Gallery after his provocative exhibition entitled "Forbidden Art".

The discussion will focus on ways, which artists use to react upon social and political challenges that face contemporary Russian society. As opposed to the conditions under the soviet regime, "pure", apolitical art nowadays is not banned. Art galleries, museums, magazines and biennales support it. However, as soon as the artist transcends the boundaries of his profession and comments upon politics, he finds himself caught in repressive machinery.

In such a situation, is it purposeful to sacrifice one's career, work, health? Is the artist's socially engaged message effective in conditions, where the society awakened itself and professional politicians lead the protest movements? What kind of forms does the new politically engaged art in Russia take? What changed in the culture of this country after the imprisonment of the Pussy Riot punk group?

These questions will be posed to Moscow-based art historians and artists taking part in the exhibition called Pussy Riot and the Russian Tradition of Art Rebellion, held in the MeetFactory, as well as to the representatives of Prague's art community.

6.2. 2013 7 p.m.
Dittrichova 9/337
120 00 Prague

Disputers: Andrey Erofeev, Viktor Pivovarov, Avdei Ter-Oganian and guests

The evening will be conducted by MeetFactory´s curator Karina Kottová

The discussion will be held in Czech with translations from Russian.

Held in cooperation with Meetfactory. The debate will preceed the opening of Erofeev´s curatorial project in the MeetFactory, called "Pussy Riot and Russian tradition of Art Rebellion."

photo:Andrey Erofeev (source: viewpoint-east.org)

Andrey Erofeev (source: viewpoint-east.org)

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