Fritz Ofner: Evolution of Violence (2011)

screening and debate with director

A unique documentary film by Austrian filmmaker FRITZ OFNER

The screening will be followed by a debate with documentary filmmaker Ofner and politologist Radek Buben and Jaroslav Fiala (Charles University's Faculty of Philosophy).

The civil war in Guatemala ended years ago, but violence continues to spread through the country. Media reports appear daily about murders and people mourning their loved ones. The society here suffers the consequences of a thirty-six-year conflict in which a global hunger for cheap resources was present in the background. Guatemala became a country where the Cold War changed into a hot one and a conflict over bananas began to take on its own life.

Mass graves are still being uncovered in the mountains; former rebels look for their comrades-in-arms and war criminals have nightmares about things they did.

6.3. 7 p.m.
Dittrichova 9, Prague, CZ

free entry
debate is held in Czech and English

film is in original sound (Spanish), English subtitles

Frintz Ofner:
The Evolution of Violence
( Die Evolution der Gewalt)
2011, 77 mins.

held in cooperation of StudentĀ“s Association Faculty of Arts, Charles University - Department of History, Department of Political Science Faculty of Arts, Charles University and tranzitdisplay

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