Bread and Salt : work versus leisure, useful versus futile, profitable versus free?


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Screening - presentation - discussion
as a part of the Chléb a Sůl Exhibition in Karlín Studios (organized by Futura)

When it comes to define what's the purpose of making art and what can be accomplished within this frame, often an equivocal belief blurs the limit between work and leisure, useful and futile, profitable and free.

The group exhibition Chléb a Sůl (Bread and Salt) brings together eleven international artists on a site that was once dedicated to production and labour : a factory. Converted since 2006 into a non-profit space for contemporary art : KARLIN STUDIOS houses both an exhibition space and artists' studios. Further than the specific architecture of this building, it is its initial function that has driven the making of this exhibition.

Through the production of their artworks each of the participating artists get involved with a singular attitude towards labour. Yet, rather than a statement, the artworks in conversation within this collective exhibition, are reflecting a certain crisis of values and by extension of ideals. Thus, challenging core issues of our society.

Within such a context, the audience is invited to question its own priorities and necessities.

Still, can we define these artists as labourers of the absurd ? Is freedom a staple commodity ?

How to define free time if not by opposition to bounded time, and in this case where shall be drawn the line of this boundarie?

11.8. 5-8 p.m.
Dittrichova 9, Prague, CZ


5 pm
projection of the short-film T.C.S. of Baptiste Debombourg – culture of the „half cars“ and its struggle with establishment

5.30 pm
panel presentation and discussion with the artist of the exhibition: Baptiste Debombourg, Edouard Boyer, Anja Loughhead, Marianne Maric moderated by Amande In and Michal Novotný

7.10 pm
Vojtěch Kouřímský – a history of one notebook

7.30 pm
informal discussion with the audience

lecture and discussion will be led in English

Chléb a Sůl (Bread and Salt)

opening 9th August from 6 pm
in Karlin Studios

from 10th of August until 11th of September

Exhibited artists: Edouard Boyer (FR), Didier Courbot (FR), Baptiste Debombourg (FR), Peter Fitzpatrick (AUS), Ivars Gravlejs (LV), Vojtěch Kouřímský (CZ), Anja Loughhead (AUS), Marianne Maric (FR), Antonio Rovaldi (I), Daniel Savage (AUS), Jean-Luc Vilmouth (FR)

Curators: Amande In and Michal Novotný

Karlin Studios
Křižíkova 34
Praha 8 - Karlín
Czech Republic

open: wed-sun 12 - 6 pm

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