Work: Live! Kateřina Zochová, Martin Blažíček, Stanislav Abrahám, Jordan Glazer (15.3. 18:00)

performance / Práce / Work

A dual-program audio-visual performance. The duo of Kateřina Zochová and Martin Blažíček (aka 42:43 asi) will play the live improvised remix of an 8mm film; Stanislav Abrahám and Jordan Glazer will present a fusion of electronics, real-time sampling and video feedback.

42:43 asi
Kateřina Zochová - harfa, elektronics
Martin Blažíček - live film/video

Improvisation on the border of sound, silence, image and darkness. Joint project
Kateřiny Zochové (Audiofenky, Something in Small Boxes, The Boy and the Beam) and Martina Blažíčka (Mikroloops). The initial anticipation is a waiting game, the playing is dialogic, one follows the other. The base features of a three-minute fragment of Super8 film. Key images bordering on a static image, an illusion of movement and an expressive stroboscopic effect gradually emerge from it. The magic of improvisation lies in the waiting and discovery of the unexpected.

Jordan Glazer
My intention as a New Media Artist is to synthesize new forms of sight and sound using any means necessary. I use analog data to automate digitally processed image and sound. The interaction between humans, the machine, and environment are explored and manipulated to create new experiences. The creation of site specific interactive installations subverts both the public space and social interactions within the environment. Digitally abstracted in real-time, sensor driven data controls the installations creating beautiful walls of light, image, and sound. I am interested in the integrated ways technology can influence cognitive response to reveal psychological and emotive expressions.

Stanislav Abrahám
Audiovisual performer, crossing over from pure sound art to more conceptual works. In addition to sound production, I focus on multimedia installations, video and intervention in public space. The starting point of my work is the pursuit of fulfilling the principles intermediality, as it was conceived by Dick Higgins in the sixties . Studies the Media Studies at FAMU (Film Academy) in Prague, professionally devoted to the recording studio and audio post-production in the audiovisual field.

15.3. 2011 6 p.m.
Dittrichova 9, Prague, CZ


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