Accompanying events

Paul Plamper
Friday 20.11. 6 p.m.
“Play Politics”
in conversation with Gaby Hartel and Frank Kaspar

„As a radio person you need enormous tentacles to catch people‘s attention“, says author and director
Paul Plamper, „because your audience is very likely to do a couple of other things while listening to
your programme.“ In his highly entertaining, thought-provoking radio dramas Plamper always finds
original ways to involve his listeners - often by working with people who are themselves personally
involved in the issues the plays deal with.


Kateřina Šedá a Rolf Simmen
Saturday 21.11. 6 p.m.
"Live Listening"
radio play “Furt dokola/ In einem fort”
in conversation with Gaby Hartel and Frank Kaspar

….“When I was leaving our house on 22 June at 2 p.m., with the decision that within the next few
hours I would walk through Líšeň, crossing all fences as the crow fl ies, I had no idea what to expect,
whether from my neighbours or from myself. It was a very hot day, thirty degrees in the shade..."

Miloš Vojtěchovský
Saturday 21.11. 10-13
start at 10 a.m. at tranzitdisplay

Sound landscape and sound walk
Workshop for those who are interested in field recording and active listening
Along the River Vltava to Vyšehrad

Mini-workshop for people interested in field recordings from the city and in active listening.
The topic of the moving workshop is the psychoacoustics of the city and sound walks. At first, we will talk about the role of sound and noise in our daily lives in the city and how different people form their attitudes to it and how they respond to it.
The main subject of the workshop is a joint expedition from Palacké Náměstí along the River Vltava to the railway bridge. Past the bridge, we will climb up to Vyšehrad and return via Karlov.
The expedition through a sounding and sound-filled neighbourhood of Prague goes through places which are interesting in terms of sound in some way, and inspirational for being captured
on a medium of some sort. If you have any sound recorder, microphones, bring them; if not, no problem. You can return to those spots later.
The workshop expedition will run approximately until 1 p.m.
The concept of the workshop and other information can be obtained from: Milos Vojtěchovský, Centre of Audiovisual Studies, FAMU.
Contact Information: milos@skolska28.cz


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