Nikolett Eross : Trafo Gallery


tranzit series of talks: topic might be general but statements should always be personal

The presentation will introduce the activity of Trafo Gallery, an
independent non-profit art venue operating in the frame of Trafo House
of Contemporary Arts in Budapest, the first squat in Budapest now a
cultural center running a complex contemporary art program.

The presentation of the gallery will expand towards the urban setting of the close neighborhood, as the area where Trafo is located is one of the most dramatically changing part of Budapest where a massive gentrification runs parallel with the activity of dynamic off-structure art-places.

Nikolett Eross is the curator of Trafo Gallery and editor of on-line contemporary art magazine www.exindex.hu

3.00-4.30 p.m.
Academy of Arts, Achitecture and Design
Náměstí Jana Palacha 80
Prague, Czech republic
room No.115

discussion going to be held in English

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