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tranzit artists in residence for 2010:

Márta Rácz (hu) jan-feb
Daniel Grun(sk) march - apr
Katarina Ševic(hu) may - june
Paulina Čierna(sk) july - aug
Eva Koťátková (+Dominik Lang)(cz)1st sept - 15th oct
Pavel Klusák(cz) 17th oct -13th nov
Jiří Ptáček (cz) 15th nov -31th dec


more about:

tranzit offers six two-month residencies as part of the “artist in residence” at Museumsquartier in Vienna

The residencies are designed for artists, curators, theoreticians
and other professionals working in the contemporary art scene in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in Hungary. The residency is for two months.

The selected residents will obtain a monthly stipend in the amount of 1,050 EUR.

Two residents will be selected
from the Czech Republic (applicants from other countries please send your applications to your tranzit (sk, at, hu)

Artist in Residence 2009
tranzit residency
Museumsquartier, Quartier 21,
Wien, Austria

send in English in digital form to: tranzit_office@volny.cz
with subject "mq 2009"

Applications must include:
1/ a brief motivation letter explaining why the artist wants to live and work
in Vienna
2/ documentation – portfolio
of work or samples
3/ cv
please send email with no more
than 3 attachments

Applicants should be prepared
for the requirement to use the residency
in its full length (two months)

The final deadline for sending applications for 2009 is 24th Oct 2008

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