Martin Zet: People I've Received Spam From

installation and book launch

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Martin Zet and tranzit.cz invite you
to the opening of Martin Zet's installation
People I've Received Spam From
the launch of two new publications:
the legendary Z – Art, 1998-2015, 18 issues, varying number of pages, published by ZCCA Libušín, and the new publication accompanying the exhibition entitled People I've Received Spam From.

People I've Received Spam From
The text file comprises 4 082 words (24 022 characters), created by Zet in the period from 3 March 2002 to 7 January 2010.
Due to the difficulty of its implementation, the installation is realised now for the first time, exactly fifteen years after Zet commenced the work.

Z-ART was an irregularly published periodical, the individual issues of which (for example: Short Stories, The Grandmother, New York: Faces from the Subway, Pictures from Textbooks, Black and White World, Feather, My Students, Art Strike! etc.) examined personal and social themes. The publication of Z-ART was one of the activities of ZCCA - Libušín (Zet Center for Contemporary Art - Libušín), which has been on indefinite strike since 7 October 2008.

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3.3. 2017, 5 pm
tranzit office
Dittrichova 13, Prague

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