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The link between food and art has existed since time immemorial. It swings on an irregular axis between still lifes for opulent banquets, the romantic idea that the artist must suffer hunger in order to be authentic (an idea that persists to this day), different records of vomiting after decadent soirees, social criticism, economic criticism, geopolitical criticism, and countless other combinations. “Food as a central concept” conducts a freewheeling analysis into a hundred years of searching, from modernism to the present day. In the remakes of contemporary artists it presents the most famous works relating to the phenomenon of food in various ways. However, in order to maintain peace and quiet and reassure visitors to the gallery, a bistro will be offering all sorts of delicacies. The exhibition at Tranzitdisplay is open to the general public, welcomes a long existing trend and perhaps indicates that its tiredness with contemporary art would better be treated by opening a restaurant than by continuing an exhibition programme.

The exhibition is the output of the winning pair within the framework of support for student projects focusing on how we present contemporary art.

private view 20 September 2pm, introduction by curators 20 September 2:30pm and 5pm

Participating artists:
Eva Eisler, Ondřej Brody, Milena Dopitová, Mark Ther, Lenka Vítková, Petr Babák, Evžen Šimera, Pavla Sceránková, Radim Labuda, Jiří David, Ivars Gravlejs

Curators: Tereza Jindrová, Jen Kratochvil

Culinary cooperation:
Kuře v podvazkách, Ingredientista, Foodstyling.cz, Koko, et al.

opening hours
tue — sun / 12 — 18h
Dittrichova 9/337, Praha 2, CZ

main partner: ERSTE Foundation
support: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Hlavní město Praha, MČ Praha 2


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