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In Milan Salák’s concept, the moment of launch of the exhibition will start the countdown to the liquidation of its physical substance, not by some wild act of unrestrained destruction, but in the professional, standard manner customary following the conclusion of an exhibition.

The visitor to the exhibition opening will not be asked to help and neither will she or he be ushered out of the deinstallation space. Within the bounds of possibility, the visitor should behave as at any similar event: gaze around, drink wine and converse. In the subsequent days, the empty space of the gallery will be accessible to visitors during usual opening hours up to the advertised date of termination of the exhibition.

The organizing institution was sentenced to the exhibition by a jury verdict last May, which found tranzitdisplay guilty on all counts within a staged critique in the format of a Kafkaesque “Trial”.

The verdict of the jury, with the Wisdom of Solomon, and the respective imposed sentence affected to the same extent Milan Salák, too: he acquired the possibility of exhibiting within the context that he has long viewed critically, and, what is more, not on the basis of a spontaneous invitation, but de facto compelled by circumstances. This is not exactly the best departure point.

22.2.- 10.3.2013

opening 21.3. 7 p.m.
(do not be late!)

Dittrichova 9, Prague

curator: Ondřej Chrobák

The exhibition is accompanied by an educational programme, designed especially for school groups.
We also offer guided tours with the curator and exhibiting artist.
For more info please contact Ondřej Horák: horak@tranzit.org

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