Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, 2018

open call /

Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2018

CALL for APPLICATIONS now open until 2 April 2018

ERSTE Foundation offers five fellowships for young artists and five fellowships for emerging curators from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic to take part in a course of their choice at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg 2018.

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Romafuturismo Library!

opening of the library & reading marathon /

We are opening Romafuturismo Library! At these days there are dozens of books from Roma writers, about Roma people and other publications with emancipatory topics in Romany, Czech, Slovak, Russian, English, French and other languages. In the day of opening we will be reading whole day - from 7 am till 7 pm and exceptional book of Elena Lackova I was born under a happy star. At the evening there will be an opening party with a selection of music by Mary C.

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The Ethnography of Violence

film screening & debate /

A screening of the film by Renzo Martens Enjoy Poverty: Episode III and a conversation with participants of the symposium The Ethnology of Violence: Veena Das, David Mosse, Jonathan Stillo, the theoretician Anna Remešová and the documentary filmmaker Viola Ježková.

The conversation will examine the methods used by ethnography during field research and the investigation of the survivors, witnesses and victims of violence involving wartime, community, domestic and sexual violence. The speakers will examine these methods in the light of the film by Renzo Martens Enjoy Poverty. Martens proposes that local photographers in the strife-torn Democratic Republic of Congo use human poverty as the main source of national wealth. In the film he offers advice on how to capture images of one’s own poverty.

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panel discussion /

Who should be able to access galleries and who is denied that possibility at present? Are galleries for parents with little children and other caregivers? Are they for young people, the ill and the handicapped? Do galleries treat the artists whose work they exhibit fairly? Why does the exhibition production team, unlike the curators and artists, remain invisible? Are people working in the sphere of contemporary art in a position to avoid (self-)exploitation and (self-)precarisation? What can they achieve under the present economic and social conditions? To what extent can they reject the criteria of grant applications or the necessity to produce constantly given the scandalous underfunding of the sector? Should positive discrimination be encouraged in gallery programmes if women and minorities are underrepresented?


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Artist in Residence - MQ Air 2018

Artists-in-Residence programme of tranzit and ERSTE Foundation at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna / /

Museumsquartier, Quartier 21,
Wien, Austria

tranzit.cz offers residency as part of the “Artist in Residence” at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

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ESTER KRUMBACHOVÁ Yeti – Wear the Amulet – Tangle Up the Archive

exhibition in tranzitdisplay /

14.12.2017 - 21.2. 2018
opening 13.12. 2017 6m
Dittrichova 9, Prague

opening + ‘Nezařazné’, a performance by New Noveta with live sound piece by Vindicatrix
13. 12., 6pm

conference ‘ESTER KRUMBACHOVÁ. Hidden Forms of Directing’
14.12., 10am – 9pm

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Forgotten Internationalism & Filmmakers of the World, Unite!

Panel discussion & launch of publication /

Guided tour of the exhibition Biafra of Spirit with the curator + panel discussion with Vladislav Shapovalov, Vjera Borozan, Dóra Hegyi, Zsuzsa László and Eszter Szakács + launch of a new publication Filmmakers of the World, Unite!

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Pre-Christmas book bazaar

Come to catch your book! At the pre-Christmas book bazaar we will have the publications for a favorable prize from tranzit.cz, Fra, Artmap, CD / LP from the Rekomando distribution, posters and postcards and a lot of other books focused on art and art theory, among others from the JRP Ringier publishing house.

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69 Performance Club: Penal Colony

performance /

69 Performance Club is initiated by Forum Lenteng to study socio-cultural phenomenon through performance arts. This initiative was founded by Hafiz Rancajale, Otty Widasari, Abi Rama, Hanif Alghifary, Rachmadi and Muhammad Fauzan. 69 Performance Club is doing activities such as conducting workshops, monthly performance, discussion and research on the development of performance arts in Indonesia. On 28 November 2017 they will be in Prague showing their project in tranzit.cz

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Feminist (Art) Institution: Nylon relations by Jana Kapelova

reading / performance /

Art practice of Jana Kapelová (1982) is often focused on the topics of work, personal fulfillment or alienation, on the functioning and relations in the art community as a specific kind of society. Her work has clearly defined purpose – to be a contribution to the positive change of society by personal emancipation.

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Feminist (Art) Institution: To Become Two by Alex Martinis Roe

screening and discussion /

tranzit.cz invites You to an event in the frame of Feminist (Art) Institution project - screening and discussion To Become Two with Alex Martinis Roe, artist and researcher from Melbourne. Her current projects focus on feminist genealogies. They seek to foster productive relationships between different generations of feminists as a way of participating in the construction of feminist histories and futures.

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Ukraine: Art as a Response to Social Challenges

screening and presentation of project /

tranzit.cz invites You to a presentation of project by Oksana Briukhovetska and Lesia Kulchynska, members of Visual Culture Research Centre who are guests of our Institution in Residence program.

The last decade of the political life in Ukraine is defined by revolutions. Art scene became more socially and politically engaged in reaction to all the changes, challenges and traumatic experiences which have happened.

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Feminist (Art) Institution

seminars, lectures /

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