The School of Kiev – the Kiev Biennale 2015 at Tranzitdisplay

Ukrainians make up the largest community of foreigners in the Czech Republic. They include students, service-sector workers and various qualified professionals. What are the biggest problems and barriers they encounter in everyday life and work? What effect is the military conflict in Ukraine having on their lives? The discussion will be participated in by experts in the Ukrainian diaspora as well as representatives of individual social groups.

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Fotograf festival: Documentarism and Contemporary Practice

Since the 60s, documentarism has established itself as an approach and a form which permeates different fields – photography, videoart, activism, new media, internet and post-internet art, visual anthropology as well as the social sciences.

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IRWIN (talk and discussion)

Irwin presentation will focus on NSK State in Time, which was founded in 1992 as a transformation of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective into NSK State in Time. NSK was formed in 1984 in Yugoslavia by three groups – Irwin, Laibach and the Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre. Collaboration, a free flow of ideas between individual members and groups and the joint planning of actions were critical to NSK's operations and its development.

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Jiří Valoch: Merde (14 October–29 November 2015)

Jiří Valoch (b.1946) was one of the main representatives of the international Visual Poetry movement at the end of the 1960s. Over three decades he created a remarkable number of texts intended to be both read and looked at.

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Artist in Residence - MQ Air 2016

tranzit residency /

Museumsquartier, Quartier 21,
Wien, Austria

february/march and august/september 2016

tranzit.cz offers two-months residency as part of the “Artist in Residence” at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

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René Vautier : cinema of social intervention

Within the frame of the last days of the exhibition “Ma'aminim (the believers)” Tranzit Display organizes a screening dedicated to one of the leading figure of the french militant cinema: René Vautier.

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KKA2: Jiří Weil

Jiří Weil is one of the most translated Czech writers of the 20th century. Despite this fact, academic studies in the wake of the Velvet Revolution have not paid him the attention he deserves and have very often been content simply to analyse his most famous book, Life with a Star.

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KKA2 What purpose did the Writers’ Congress serve?

At the start of June a Writers’ Congress took place. The aim was to continue the tradition established prior to the Velvet Revolution, though it was clear even in advance that there was at least one crucial change – apart from writers themselves, few people have an interest.

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Eric Leonardson: Our Sonic Playground: A Model for Active Engagement in Urban Soundscapes
A public event that proposes a model for active, public participation in soundscape awareness. For those who are new to acoustic ecology and the experiential basis of its pedagogy, this practical template or ‘recipe’ may help others organise their own events aimed at active engagement in sound, listening, and environment. While offering practical suggestions for getting started, I also address some relevant issues regarding a broader cultural discourse of sound in the arts and sciences.

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The Qrators

The project of group the Q rators emerged at first as a blatant protest against the war between Ukraine and Russia. The leading idea of this work is to show that peaceful collaboration is possible and the unity in creation may be the only reasonable reaction to current political situation. It opened much wider reflection about artists from post-soviet countries as coming from similar historical context.

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MA’AMINIM, věřící / the believers (opening 8. 6.; 9. 6. - 27. 9. 2015)

The exhibition "Ma'aminim the believers" takes the context of the Seine-Saint-Denis department as a fulcrum of the political and social struggles that have agitated France during the last century.

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Olivier Hadouchi: From Parallel Cinema to Third Cinema - Militant Cinema in the hour of the furnaces (1960's and 1970's)

During the lecture, we will talk about various propositions of militant cinema dealing with the questions of liberation, anti-imperialism and tricontinental solidarity (in reference to Tricontental conference). In the context of New Waves, Young and New Cinemas all around the world, various filmmakers tried to mix political intervention with formal invention (like Godard, Alvarez, Rocha, Solanas...) during the 60's.

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