Moi Tran - Reconfiguring the Value of Sadness. Where do we place our value?

performance + discussion with the artist /

Moi Tran, Born in Vietnam with Chinese Heritage.
A refugee of the Vietnam War, her work examines the effects of Dis/placement and narratives in Diaspora. In an ever-evolving negotiation she calls this process the ‘Eternal detour of identity’. An Artist, Researcher and Designer based in the UK exploring intersections between Contemporary Art and Performance.

7th June 2019
6.30pm Performance - Burning to the End
7.00pm Artist Sharing of Research Paper Reconfiguring the Value of Sadness

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Symposium: Who Are We Talking With? What Can Institutions Unlearn from Artists

symposium /

Symposium Who Are We Talking With? What Can Institution Unlearn from Artist is a part of the first edition of The Matters of Art, Biennale of Contemporary Art curated by Vít Havránek and Tereza Stejskalová which is to take place in Prague, in June 2020.

During two days in May 2019, 17 guests of the symposium will contribute with their speaches on the topic of existing and possible relations between artist / art institution and the public.

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tranzit.cz changes - board and executive director

new members of team /

After the conclusion of several years of fruitful co-operation on the tranzitdisplay project (2018), tranzit.cz is continuing with changes in its internal structure, functioning and content of activity.

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Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, 2019

open call /

Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2019

CALL for APPLICATIONS now open until 17 March 2019

ERSTE Foundation offers five fellowships for young artists and five fellowships for emerging curators from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia to take part in a course of their choice at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg 2019.

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Edouard Chiline: Soviet Russia in the 1920s - 1930s and the Roma Renaissance

lecture /

Edouard Chiline comes from the Romani community of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. He was born in 1968 and studied theatre history and film management at the Moscow Art Theatre School. His main work so far has been on issues of film, culture and media. He is the creator and publisher of Rombiblio, the biggest online source of Romani language literature, available at www.rombiblio.ru . Further projects relate to the political economy of international film festival, trans-national cinema and pan-European cinematic migrations. Edouard Chiline has published widely in a variety of film and media journals. His research has been funded by the Soros Foundation and the Next Page Foundation.

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BOOK LAUNCH and pre-Christmas gathering - Carla Lonzi – Now You Can Go: A Dialogue with Pietro Consagra

Come and join the festive spirit with us by celebrating the publication of the first Czech translation (and the first translation of the book into a foreign language whatsoever) of Carla Lonzi's Now You Can Go.

In the spirit of the tradition of Rivolta Femminile, whose members met regularly within a domestic environment, the book launch and pre-Christmas gathering will take place in a private flat.

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Symposium Unlearning Biennale

in 2020 tranzit.cz will organise biennale of contemporary art in Prague

first event directly related to the biennale is Symposium Unlearning Biennale - 19th and 20th October in Prague - Modern Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts

18 art organisations and individuals will contribute to the program

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An Intervention: Lẩu Nghệ Thuật (Art Hotpot)

Nha San Collective /

In a lot of Asian cultures, hotpot is considered a communal eating experience where people would alternately put a variation of ingredients into a heated steamboat placed at the center of the table and eat from it. It is a tradition of family members and friends gathering around the table to share stories with each other. Based on the idea of this comforting cuisine experience, our project is an attempt to intervene into a space of a different artistic landscape, as well as trying to weave a connection between art and cultural activities of Vietnamese in Czech Republic with the community of art practitioners here in order to generate an alternative space for dialogues and exchanges.

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Jan Regal – from Slušovice to Vietnam / photography

screening and discussion /

Jan Regal, who came from a village near Zlín, was doing an advertising photographs for Agrokombinát Slušovice in the 80's. Slušovice wanted to start tourism in Vietnam and set up its own travel agency. As a part of this project, photographer Jan Regal came to Vietnam as well. He captured pictures of the life around Saigon, the abandoned French hotels and specific atmosphere of the time.

On Monday October 15th we will screen these rare photos with him in person in the tranzit office, come to visit!

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Sarah Sharma: sExit Machine Feminism

lecture /

This talk builds on current project of Sarah Sharma, “the sExit,” which is concerned with the gendered politics of exit. It begins by taking account of a wide range of masculine exit fantasies that cross the political spectrum. sExits appear in the geopolitical, technological, and intimate spheres. The sExit lurks innationalist movements (Brexit), the spread of sex robots, digital detox programs, Men’s Rights activism, and even some strands of autonomist Marxism.

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Nhà Sàn Collective presents

presentation and discussion /

tranzit.cz invites You to meet guests of our residential program - Tuan Mami and Chau Hoang, members of Nha San Collective. They will give the audience a quick review of Nha San’s timeline, as well as introducing a few of their projects, approach, and issues that they think are important to them as a collective and an art space.

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Artist in Residence - MQ Air 2019 - CALL FOR APPLICATION

Artists-in-Residence programme of ERSTE Foundation, tranzit, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt. Art Collection. / /

The Artist in Residence Programme at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna (MQ AiR) is part of ERSTE Foundation’s and tranzit’s long-termed endeavour to support contemporary art and to strengthen the situation of its creators, especially in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
From 2019 on, the MQ AiR programme will include two more institutions: Igor Zabel Association (IZA) and Kontakt. Art Collection..
Kontakt will collaborate with the Zagreb based WHW Akademija.

Call for application now open until October 1, 2018.

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Feminist (Art) Institution

seminars, lectures /

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ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit:

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