Otevírací doba tranzitdisplay o Vánocích / Christmas Opening hours at tranzitdisplay

Otevírací doba tranzitdisplay o Vánocích / Christmas Opening hours at tranzitdisplay
22.-26. 12. 2014 – zavřeno / closed
27.-28.12. 2014 – otevřeno / open 12,00-18,00
29.12. 2014-1.1. 2015 – zavřeno / closed
2.-4. 1. 2015 – otevřeno / open 12,00-18,00

The Pololániks – launch of the album Náměť

The Pololáníks played their first concert in 2011. A year later they were nominated for the Vinyla Prize in the category Newcomer of the Year, and in November 2014 they released their debut album Náměť on the Polí5 record label, which they are launching at tranzitdisplay.

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Tomáš Pospiszyl: Associative History of Art. Post-war art across generations and media (collage, intermedia and conceptual art, performance and film)

Is the work of contemporary artists simply recycling the experiments of the 1960s and 70s? Why are contemporary artists moving into spheres previously reserved for literature, film and theatre? Is our perception of Eastern European art prior to 1989 deformed by the political perspective?

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CARDIOSTIMULATOR – An open workshop with members of Prague Modern and Prague Modern Young

Prague Modern, a contemporary music ensemble well established on the Czech scene and abroad, is organising courses aimed at music school students and the general public. The courses will mainly take the form of open workshops focusing on ensemble playing, and are intended not only for senior school pupils and music academy students, but also for jazz musicians and keen amateurs.

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Aleksi Soselia, Galaqtion Eristavi: Descriptions

By "descriptions“ we often mean to refer to objective, plain truths.
Georgian video art, which has widely developed in the undercurrent
before establishing itself as a separate medium, offers us various
descriptions – but from a very subjective and alternative point of
view. Since the 1980s, Georgian art has undergone an evolution, which
ran parallel to the predominant, hegemonic discourse of socio-cultural

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A2 Criticism Club: Are Czech editions of world literature holding their own?

The range of modern world literature published in Czech offers readers a welcome guide to orientation on the book market. Given the often chaotic flood of new titles, publishers provide – or want to and should – a certain guarantee of quality and interest. But how do modern projects compare to traditional projects like the Odeon World Literature series? What role should such translations play these days?

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Trinh T. Minh-ha

Tranzitdisplay is proud to present the work of filmmaker Trinh Minh-ha. The trio of films Surname Viet given name Nam, Shoot for the contents and A Tale of Love illustrates her activities on the boundaries of documentary film, experimental film, and traditional cinematography.

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Babi Badalov : Brutal memories from the immigration jungle system in the EU

Babi Badalov, artist, poet and activist, was born in Lerik, a mountain village in Azerbaijan, close to the border with Iran. For the last few years he has lived the life of a nomad, partly through circumstances – after various mishaps he found himself in France, where he was awarded asylum as a political refugee – and partly through the desire to live in society without prejudices where he could be a poet without fear.

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Pil and Galia Kollectiv: Concrete Ideology / Real Abstraction

The Pil and Galia Collective accepted an invitation from the Curators and Critics Programme and the Sculpture Studio at UMPRUM, where it will hold a workshop as part of the school’s open days on 17 November on the future of archaeology, which reacts to the newly formed collection at the studio.

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Jaime Vindel

As part of the Southern Conceptualisms Network, an international platform for work, thought and collective positioning founded towards the end of 2007 by an international group of concerned researchers, I felt the need to intervene politically in the processes being used to neutralize the critical potential of a set of conceptual practices that have arisen in Latin America since the 1960s.

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Aletha Lablanchy : Paris / Dakar / Paris

French curator and cultural manager Aletha Lablanchy works in an international context for more than 10 years, particularly on the trajectory between Paris and West Africa.

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Artist in Residence - MQ Air 2015

tranzit residency /

Museumsquartier, Quartier 21,
Wien, Austria

february/march 2015

tranzit.cz offers two-months residency as part of the “Artist in Residence” at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

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Otevírací doba tranzitdisplay o Vánocích / Christmas Opening hours at tranzitdisplay

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