Alexandra Landre: Tipping point

Tipping Point is a general expression for moment of transition, the creation of agency, a critical mass or just the point of change.
In her lecture, Alexandra Landré will use this phenomenon as a guiding principle to explorer questions regarding the general as well as her personal curatorial practice.

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Margarida Mendes: agency in times of unease - thoughts on scale, climate and collectivities

What is our understanding of planetary scale during a time when our perception of material realities is bound to spectral algorithms, and the impact of our actions deferred?

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Experimental Animation and Electronic Literature: Piotr Marecki and Sławomir Shuty

Suffering from writer’s block, the Author decides to induce inspiration chemically. The pastry he consumes transports him, like the fairytale Alice, into a land of hallucinogenic visions. The revelation results in an increase of creative potential. However, the depths of imagination are inhabited by demons that must be confronted. TRIP is a metaphorical account of an internal voyage, an animated penetration to the Buddhist bardo, a black comedy tale about the transformation of a creative impasse into fulfillment.

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Ivan Moudov: Certificate Of Authenticity

Would you like to become the owner of an artwork?
Would you like to contribute to the development and progress of contemporary art?
Do you have money?
If so, we have a solution for you.
The result of Ivan Mouldov’s residence at the Tobačna 001 CC is an overview exhi¬bition in the form of a catalog of the art¬ist. Every page of the exhibited catalog is an original work of art available to the Gallery’s visitors at an affordable price.

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You’re not sure about something? Then ring TRANZIT-DISPATCH!

“Tranzit-dispatch” is the winning project of the third annual student competition organised by tranzitdisplay. The project is the work of Jan Boháč, Barbora Fastrová, Pavel Jestřáb and Anna Ročňová, all students of The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM).

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Episode III – The Collection and Health; Discussion: 15 April, 21 April and 28 April starting at 6pm

Discussion: 15 April, 21 April and 28 April starting at 6pm

In 2014, the Sculpture Studio of UMPRUM founded a collection of items using which it is involved in an ongoing attempt to track the boundaries of sculpture as a medium, the contours of an item, sculpture and object, their psychology, materiality, historicity, institutionalisation, as well as the dynamic of a studio community. Items for inclusion in the collection are selected by a committee of students and lecturers who interpret the item prior to accepting or rejecting it. We take note of the entire process involved in the creation of the collection and record not only the items themselves, but the oral and textual flow of thoughts that surround them. We are convinced that a collection without interpretation makes no sense, and so we decided to validate the collection and the activities associated with it on a regular basis by means of a series of episodic exhibitions and other presentations.

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Goldin+Senneby: K.D.- Headless.

start is at 18:00

In the context of the international exhibition Sources Go Dark, curated by Valerio Borgonuovo and Silvia Franceschini at Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, Tranzitdisplay organizes a public presentation dedicated to Headless, a murder-mystery story into offshore finance by the elusive author K. D.

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The Golden ‘90s

This time round the A2 Criticism Club has decided to examine the “golden 90s” as divided into two thematic segments. In the first segment we’ll examine on literature. Did this decade involve any radical transformations? Was its climate more influenced by belated debuts, anticipated comebacks, echoes of the underground, Brno-based postmodernism or literary stars of a new generation?

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TD sound: Tereza Damcová

A continuation of the cycle TD soundsystem, which showcases contemporary Czech artists working with sound. The evening will include a screening of fairytales by Milan Kozelka and an experimental audiovisual fairytale.

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Marxism Today

During the 20th century Marxism was the leading discourse calling for change in the world. It paid for this hegemony in the countries of “real socialism”, played first fiddle in Western emancipation movements, and was inestimably inspiring in the postcolonial transformation of Third World countries

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Trinh T. Minh-ha: The Fourth Dimension (2001, 87 min)

In Trinh T. Minh-ha’s first digital film, sound becomes the fourth dimension. Sound that defines the space we look at. This personal documentary is a reflection of the time the director spent in Japan.

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Trinh T. Minh-ha: Night Passage (2004, 98 min)

Night Passage is one of the few features films that Trinh T. Minh-ha has made. Similarly to A Tale of Love, it is inspired by literature. The children’s science fiction book Milky Way Rail Road by the Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa tells the story of a boy who one day enters a magic train on a trip around the Milky Way.

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