a me

My language and my movement only come into being in dialogue with you / with them / with that: “I” am a relationship.

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Suzana Milevska: The (Im)possibility of Commoning

The presentation will address the contradictions of commoning in the postsocialist contexts. Suzana Milevska raises the question on the issues such as property, means of reproduction, public space, etc., which were once the dominant paradigm in the socialist countries, how they became so problematic, irrelevant or even ignored.

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Education as a shared birthright and a universal basic income

On the first panel we’ll examine education as a shared birthright (both historically and at its current state of development). We’ll ask how the concept of a shared birthright might help us confront the creeping commodification of education systems.

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Claire Breukel

Claire Breukel is the Chief Curator of MARTE Contemporary at MARTE Museum in San Salvador, El Salvador. She also works on creative projects for (RED) and is the creative advisor for Miami Downtown Development Authority and curator for the Unscripted public art commission for Bal Harbour Village.

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Republic of Figures

June 25 - September 7, 2014, Opening: June 24, 2014, 7 p.m.

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KK A2 Roma literature

Is Roma literature simply an activist construct that should be incorporated in the Czech canon, or is it sufficiently specific and viable that can stand as a genre in its own right? Is it defined by its authors, topics, or both? Does the Romani language have a future as a literary language?

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Association for Leftist Theory – Conference

The aim of the conference is to familiars the academic and general public with the phenomenon of commons and the process of creating commons (commoning), which form the antipode to commodified holdings and social relations. Could these commons become the basis of a society that exceeds the framework of capitalism?

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KKA2 What do Czech comics lack?: A clairvoyant for the golden age of comics

The deluge of enthusiastic media commentators over the past few years has convinced us that the Czech Republic is a kind of comics heaven on earth. In this country comics have managed to break free of their subcultural associations, enter the public arena, convince the sceptics of their quality, and offer new, interesting content.

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Solidarity beyond borders – Building democracy from below: Screening with discussion

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Spain. Different manifestations of the economic crisis, different forms of reactions of the affected residents. The allegedly necessary austerity measures of public space privatization and welfare state destruction, are accompanied by blaming immigrants on one hand, and solidarity, self-organizing, mutual aid and mass protests on the other.

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Popular culture and violence on the boundary of society.

The Centre for the Study of Popular Culture has long engaged with popular culture as an often conflictual field between the broadest layers of mass culture and marginal subcultures and scenes.

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Poetry Event & Poetry Activism: Public Discussion

I speak here of poetry as a revelatory distillation of experience, not the sterile word play that, too often, the white fathers distorted the word poetry to mean―in order to cover a desperate wish for imagination without insight. (Audre Lorde)

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Vanessa Place: Empire Aesthetics (Public Talk)

Vanessa Place is one of the leading figures of contemporary American conceptualist poetry. The Boston Review called Vanessa Place “the spokesperson for the new cynical avant-garde,” the Huffington Post characterized her work as “ethically odious,” while philosopher and critic Avital Ronell said she is “a leading voice in contemporary thought.”

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